Multicultural Club Meeting: My Life as a Child, Young and Adult – and my Fight for Equal Rights


There are many different ‘Equal Rights’ to fight for!

As the first part of our Multicultural June Club Meeting, Marie Brixtofte will tell us about how it was to grow up in a family with a father who drank. Marie Brixtofte has experienced and struggled with loneliness, disregard and sadness – but kept it a secret for many years to protect her family.

Marie Brixtofte is a licensed psychologist, has written books and is now also giving talks about her experiences and ways of moving forward. Look forward to an intense and unique opportunity to meet Marie Brixtofte who is going to tell us about:

My Life as a Child, Young and Adult

– and my Fight for Equal Rights

Marie Brixtofte, Licensed Psychologist, Author and Lecturer 

Monday 21 June 2021 at 17:30 – 20:00 

Online Teams Meeting: Register to get the link to the meeting

You can read more about Marie Brixtofte at

What am I busy with right now?

Also look forward to Si-Hui Tan, Multicultural member giving us a short presentation at the end of the meeting + Q&A.

News from the Multicultural Board

As the last part of our June Meeting we will have news from the Board.

Further Louise Kure will tell about the Women’s Council Denmark (Kvinderådet)

Registration before the meeting

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We are looking forward to seeing all of you for the meeting!

Warm wishes,

The Multicultural Committee


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