Multicultural Club Meeting: Meet Four Zonta Scholarship Recipients: 20-11-2023


At the Multicultural November Club Meeting, you’ll meet four really cool women who recently received Zonta Scholarships.

Christina, Maria, Yasmine and Emilie will tell us about the reasons for receiving the scholarship, what they have used /will use the scholarship for, what it has meant for them and what they are currently doing.

Meet Four Zonta Scholarship Recipients

Christina Toldbo, Maria Bendix Mikkelsen, Yasmine Gigi Tokman and Emilie Schmidt-Lund

Monday 20 November 2023 at 18:00-20:30

Meeting room: “Store Claus”, 1 floor, Frivilligcenter Gentofte, Hellerupvej 24, Hellerup

Light meal, coffee and tea will be served from 17:30 in Hellerup

Online participation is possible by Teams: Register and get the link to the online meeting


Most scholarships are applied for at a Zonta Club (ZC), which selects the club’s scholarship recipient among the applicants. The Zonta clubs’ scholarship recipients proceeds to both the Area 1 and District 13, which each select an Area 1 scholarship recipient and a District 13 scholarship recipient:

  • Maria Bendix Mikkelsen, Software Developer at PDC A/S, member of ZC Multicultural, received the Women in Technology Scholarship from ZC København I in 2021
  • Yasmine Gigi Tokman, Student at DTU, received the Women in STEM Scholarship from ZC Multicultural, Area 1 and D13 in 2023
  • Emilie Schmidt-Lund, Student at KU, received the Young Women in Public Affairs Award from ZC København III, Area 1 and D13 in 2023.

The Amelia Earhart Fellowship is applied for directly at Zonta International:


News from the Multicultural Board

As the last part of the meeting, we will have news about the Zonta Christmas Marked.

Registration for the meeting and light meal

Please send your registration for the meeting in Hellerup or the online meeting to Jane ( as soon as possible and before 18 November, if possible.


Guests are very welcome – please register.

Cost of the meeting for guests in Hellerup is DKK 90 to Reg no.: 9570, Account: 12861931.


We are looking forward to seeing all of you!


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